061 / Air(re)borne

061 / Air(re)borne


I’ll be soon an excellent flyer, equipped with amazing headphones, a capacity to drink red wine at any time of the day to sleep steadily and a talent for not going to the loo during flights up to 12 hours.

A brandnew country, new smell, temperature, humidiy, you sense it even in your sleep. New routines, and absence of reflexes, scams, little defeats and victories… When I first got to the prepaid cab, a guy carried my bag for like 11 seconds. Afterwards, he asked me 10 Euros… First second I thought it was a lot of money, second second I was actually thinking about paying, third second I had a vague flashback of a taxi scam in Istanbul where some people still make fun with, and the fourth second I realized that at this rate, this guy would have a monthly salary of roughly 800K€, which is probably not the case. So I refused, using this last argument with conviction…

My hosts (Pankaj and  Vandra) are really nice. After a nap and a shower, we were ready to visit the city by night to start with. Gateway to India, Taj Hotel, Victoria Terminal, the Queen’s necklace, etc were done. We talked a lot about the 2008 attacks, who still cast occasionally a shadow over this gigantic town. We went to Leopold’s Bar, one of the five venues where the attacks took place, and where the bullet holes and broken windows are the silent witnesses of this trauma.

Afterwards, I experienced my first share of "sololuck" (these are the niceIMG_2759.JPG situations are opportunities you meet because you’re travelling solo, with a state of mind that puts you in position for unexpected adventures. I went to a saturdaynight gathering of the family of the wife of the friend of Arjoon. On paper, people where you’re not more connected with as with some strangers you’re taking the bus with in Brussels in the morning. Delicious food, great talks, interesting and interested interactions with this unlikely gang really colored my evening (together with too much local beer, for the record). Hospitality is a truly amazing quality. I think you could sell it really expensive in Western Europe, because of tremendous scarcety.

To close this first Saturday we went to a cool club in a building of 15 meters hight, with great statues, Bombay Sapphire cocktails and no tourists. I’m in the zone, on the waves. The adventure is calling and I really feel eager to respond their pleas.

To be continued… and continued… and continued…


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