070 / Bali’s High 5

070 / Bali’s High 5

Normally, one of the most hidden places on my watch is the area around the 5. If possible, I would take off the 5 when I purchase my next watch, and get a second 11 or a double of another sexy number. Since I stopped watching Neighbors (around the age of 5 I guess) I can’t say a lot of exciting things happen around 5PM… And unless there is an army of poisonous snakes in my bed or Jesus is back and he’s throwing an improvised earth warming party, don’t wake me up at 5AM either. It might be the last thing you’ll ever do.

In Bali, a fair part of everyday life happens around the dreaded 5AM and surprisingly, it doesn’t even feel as a criminal offense. Here’s my Bali High 5.

When you want to do some decent surfing, you have to wake up at 5AM. The wind is low, and the waves are perfectly defined in the surf. When I was surfing, I got at the sea around 9AM, that’s probably why there are not spectacular surf pictures to show here. This whole surfing activity is not the calling of my life. Catching a wave makes me think of making love on a riding motor bike. Technically, it’s not impossible, but why all the hassle to have a good time? I gave it a try… the surfing, that is. J  


When I went to see the sunrise at Mount Batur, a holy volcano, it happened at 5AM. You have to wake up around 3AM and climb in the dark for about 2 hours. For the ones who make it, the treat is a breathtaking view, a true waaaaw moment.




In the east of Bali, there are some really good dive spots, but to make it there in time (due to the crazy, unexplainable traffic jams) you have to wake up at… yes 5AM to make it in time. The shipwreck we visited was well worth it. Too bad that around 15.000 other divers had the same idea that day, causing another, underwater, traffic jam. The second dive (down to 29m deep, my personal record), that followed an underwater cliff was nice, and I saw an octopus moon walking over the sea bottom.




When Yon (my cool, Balinese guide) and I went for a overnight camping stay on a deserted mountaintop Hindu monastery, we were woken up by noisy monkeys and cold toes at … 5AM. The free style hike, the religious offering at night and again, the dazzling sunrise were well worth the pain.




Luckily, 5AM is probably a Gemini, because it has another, late side as well. We celebrated Tom’s birthday in Sky Garden (whoehoe) with an amazing, improbable five some (Betta, Vivie, Fred, Tom & myself). Great night, nice encounters! Thanks guys for tuning my Bali-stay into what it has become!



My Bali High 5, like the five points of the eternal Bintang-star.



Ps. I also discoverd why Balenese hairdressers only charge $5 for a hair cut. It's probably because they only leave 5mm of hair on your head, whatever you ask them...



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