074 / Colom Knowledge

074 / Colom Knowledge


Did you know…

… that Colombia is named after Colombus, who never actually visited the place

… that we are more than happy to do this in his place

… that we arrived in this country during one of the wettest wet seasons of the century

… that that also happened to me in Delhi, earlier in September

… that I start to think that it has something to do with me

… that I should apply for a high paid job in the Sahara desert

… that this would help my declining travel liquidity


… that in Colombia nothing is what it seems

… that even innocent statues have a sexual twist


… that the election of Miss Colombia is more important than any other event

… that we were at the official presentation of the 25 celebrated finalists in Cartagena

… that every potential Miss has on average 4 chirurgically enhanced parts on her body

… that even the plastic models in the shop windows receive the same surgery


… that Botero made a statue, that brings sexual fortune if you touch a special (non chirurgically enhanced) part

… that I thought by myself “can never hurt to touch it”

… that a local woman a tad angrily explained that this only applies if women touch it

… that I don’t know how to make up for this mistake


… that in Medellin, once the world’s crime capital, one extension of the subway is a topnotch cable car

… that Pablo Escobar would have been proud of this progress


... that colonial Cartagena makes Bruges looks like a grey suburb of Dusseldorf

… that her buildings are of a brightness that makes you smile, even on a Monday morning



… that we’re leaving for a 5 days jungle hike to the Lost city as of tomorrow

… that you are welcome to call the police if we’re not back in two weeks

... that that won’t be necessary, because Colombia is safer than LA or Clichy

… that this first date with Latin America is as promising as could be



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