078 / In Brazil, there’s always…

078 / In Brazil, there’s always…

There’s always a party”, Renato told me when we met after more than three months in Sao Paulo. My 10 hours fly-by in this huge city promised to be big since my Braseliero friend had the brilliant idea to introduce me to Brazil on the beats of the (very local) Samba, with the first-of-many caipirinha in one hand, and my connecting airplane ticket in the other. It all resulted in an unforgettable night of which (oh, irony) I don’t remember too much. By miracle, I managed to get the my 4AM flight to Salvador (I think I even still had my caipirinha in the other hand…) to meet my chérie for a three week rollercoaster trip.




There’s always capoeira”, the waiter of the Bahia restaurant told us without hesitation, so we started happily to wiggle our tail like young puppies. With some less than perfect directions we crossed the whole city only to find the traditional spectacle to be over for the day. We honorably stated that this was a fair consequence of leaving our hotel room for the first time at 8PM. The next day however, capoeira found us on the street...nice.



 There’s always a bus…”, the guide calmly told us when we already saw our three days hike into one of Brazil’s crown jewels (Chapada Diamantina) fall into the water due to the cancellation of busses on Christmas eve. With renewed optimism, and after an afternoon of creative logistical surgery, we were on our way to the National park. An endless parade of cliffs, waterfalls, primary forest, great dinner, even greater breakfast in cool company was our part. This place rocks!





There’s always a plane”, the flight attendant told us after the screens indicated an ever increasing delay in our flight to Campo Grande. Some further harassing of the poor guy learned us that the plane was there, but that the pilot hadn’t shown up (Flights attendant : “But don’t worry, we have been trying to call him already for 50 minutes”). This little hick was probably due to the fact that it was Christmas day. We travelers, however, don’t respond to Catholic holidays… With the bravery of the logistically defeated, we started a 3 hour siege on the airline company, in order to change our tickets to Iguazu, to avoid spending a days of useless waiting in the airport until the pilot sobered up from his Christmas turkey. It worked! An hour later we were on our way to the world famous waterfalls.






There’s always space for more, it’s basically only water”, my fruit-addicted girlfriend explained me confidently when we bought a 10 kg watermelon.  Unfortunately, the mammoth fruit showed us 3 hours later empirically that this was not true. His (sweet) revenge was ruthless. To be on the safe side, I only had fruits after that fitted in my caipiroska glass…



There’s always another bottle of Champagne”, the bottomless fridge confessed during our great stay in the beach condo close to Ubatuba (in between Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro) where we were kindly invited to celebrate New Year. The unrefusable offer came from Lili (cfr. blogpost 059 / Lifesurfing) and her husband, Alexis. Surrounded by some 50 crazy Brazilians in holiday mood, we celebrated life & love for three days straight. Some of the most beautiful days of an amazing year in the company of a bunch of my international Paris-homies… Superbe. The traditional count down on the beach, the white dresses, the fireworks and the mandatory 7 waves jumping making wishes were magic. Even the poring rain was part of the spectacle.





There’s always… Rio”, the Paris-return plane ticket cruelly explained to announce the end of these sensational weeks. A day or two of Capacabana, Sugar Loaf, Santa Teresa and Ipanema crowned an unforgettable visit…



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Aw man, glad the both of you had such a great time! Wish I was in Brazil right now myself...

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