079 / If the world was … Patagonia

079 / If the world was … Patagonia

When my plane landed in Punto Arenas, in the deep south of Chili, I knew that this final part of my big trip would be very different from the bamboozling stay in Brazil. Patagonia is all about space, nature, wind, contemplative hiking… Hours of letting the months spent on the road settle down and letting strange metaphors for this amazing place bubble up in my mind. So when I was hiking the multiday “W”-track (love that letter!) in Torres del Paine, I couldn’t help thinking… “If the world”…

If the world was a human body, Patagonia would most certainly be the lungs. It’s airy, energizing, vital but also fragile in its existence.

If the world was a car dealership, Patagonia would be a Toyota Landcruiser, with its endless space, reliability, the powerful but hushed roar of its rivers, its many wild horses…

If the world was a job market, Patagonia would be an experienced psychiatrist, with its patience, its almost philosophical, understanding  look in its eyes, and its soothing effect on the mind of everybody who visits and rests on his hills.

If the world was a cocktail bar, Patagonia would be a matured whiskey on (millennium) ice. It’s multi-layered, expensive, time-consuming, holistic and asks to be drunk in exquisite company.

If the world was a city, Patagonia would be Central Park, with its countless trunks of dead wood as inviting benches, its glaciers as ice cream vendors, offering refreshment in the global heat.

If the world was a beauty case, Patagonia would be the eye shadow pallet, with a multitude of shades of lush greens, bottomless blues, to subtle nuances of silver and white.

If the world was a Kyoto protocol, Patagonia would be wind energy. It is alternative, underappreciated, and limitless in its availability and force.

If the world was a blog, Patagonia would be a post with lots of images, and few words.














Perito Moreno Glacier




The (almost always in-)visible Fitz Roy




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